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Auction Services

Artiana delivers an avant-garde online auction experience combining the ease and convenience of the internet medium with the reliability of a traditional viewing room. At Artiana we believe that transacting at auctions should be an inclusive and passionate experience, not an expensive one. We have redefined and streamlined the buying and selling experience by eliminating the Buyer’s Premium on purchases. Our USP slogan - “What You Bid Is What You Pay”. Artiana utilizes both, online auction catalogs available across all mobile devices, and printed auction catalogs to reach out to its clients.

Appraisals, Valuations & Auction Estimates

Appraisals and formal valuations are provided by Artiana for private collections, museums, fiduciaries, and corporations as well as auction estimates for all works of art which range within our fields of expertise and which we would normally include at auction. We also advise on how best to sell the works to achieve the highest returns, and will provide you with specialist services and guidance during and after the sale.

Insurance Valuations

Authoritative Insurance valuations, based on retail replacement or open market values, for fine arts and many other collecting categories are offered by Artiana. We offer a highly efficient service taking into account a client's requirement simultaneously meeting the requirements specified by insurers.

Art Finance

Our art finance advisory division provides finance to clients buying and consigning at our auctions. We also provide bespoke financing solutions against blue-chip Indian art assets that can be custodized by us in our art storage facility.

Art Advisory

Artiana offers a comprehensive immersion into the art world with individualized service and total discretion. The bespoke art advisory service specializes in ‘Investment Grade Art’ across various media, including painting, sculpture, works on paper, photography and video within our fields of expertise. Services include identifying potential acquisitions, customizing viewings, coordinating gallery and studio visits, negotiating prices and payment terms, market research, framing, shipping, installation and collection management services.

Private Sales

For clients preferring to acquire or sell works of art and collectibles outside of public auction, Artiana's Private Sales personalized service is a confidential and immediate option to leverage on. Our team of specialists have an extensive knowledge of client interests, and can facilitate discreet transactions between buyers and sellers based on expressed preferences

Storage, Packing & Shipping

Artiana provides complimentary storage for 15 days from the closing date of the auction. Further storage options at our in-house art storage facility are also offered to meet clients’ divergent needs. We offer complimentary delivery service within Dubai, for other shipments, our team will work with you to plan, coordinate and expedite all aspects of packing, shipping and any post sale service required.