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How To Bid At Artiana

Please note that Artiana is an Online Only auction house, and all bidding takes place online. Bids can be executed on any pc, laptop, tablet, android or iphone device.

Registration on

All bidders are asked to register with us before bidding. This is a simple, one-time process, which will enable you to bid in all our auctions.

Register for Sale and Get Bidding Access

After successfully registering on, bidders are required to register for the particular sale in which they wish to participate. After Signing In with their Artiana ID, users can request for bidding access to a particular sale. The high value lots in the sale will be categorized as Gold level, Platinum level and Diamond level for which bidding access at these levels would be required. Once this request has been processed by the Artiana Auction Desk, the bidder will either receive an email confirmation of bidding access, or, in the event that additional information is required for approval, will be directly contacted by an Artiana representative.

Leaving a Proxy/Maximum Bid

Once an auction catalogue goes live, a Proxy or Maximum Bid can be placed on any lot by going to Upcoming Auctions, selecting the catalogue of interest, and clicking the ‘Proxy Bid’’ button next to the lot on which you wish to bid. Please note that you must be registered and Signed In to place a bid at any time.

About Proxy/Maximum Bids: A Proxy Bid is designed for those who are not available to follow the bidding process, or who would simply like to reserve a maximum bid on a lot. To make a Proxy Bid, you must enter the maximum amount that you would like to bid on a lot, and the auction software will bid on your behalf up to this amount. If you are the only person to bid on the selected lot, then you will purchase it at the lowest possible price (the Reserve Price).

Leaving a Written/Absentee Bid

Once an auction catalogue goes live, a Written or Absentee Bid can be placed on any lot by contacting the Artiana Auction Desk in person, or by email at After you are registered for the sale, you will be asked to fill out, sign, and submit an Absentee Bid form, specifying your maximum bid amount at least 12 hours before the first Closing Time. About Written/Absentee Bids: An Absentee Bid is designed for those who may not be available during the auction, or who would prefer to use a manual interface to complete the online transaction on their behalf. Once you have completed and submitted the Written Bid form at least 12 hours before the first Closing Time, an Artiana representative will either bid on your behalf until the specified maximum bid amount is reached, or place a ‘Proxy Bid’, in which case the auction software will bid on your behalf up to this amount. If you are the only person to bid on your lot, then you will purchase it at the lowest possible price (the Reserve Price).

Mobile Bidding

At Artiana, Online or Proxy Bids can be executed on any android or iphone device, allowing you to participate at your convenience from anywhere in the world. Artiana’s proprietary auction software can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store directly onto to your applicable mobile device.

Online Auction Process

Auction Starting: Each online auction commences at 9am UAE Time, on the date specified next to the catalogue in ‘Upcoming Auctions’ and as printed on our Auction Catalogues. Please note that although you can watch the auction as a guest user, you must be Signed In and Approved in order to bid.

During the Auction: Once the auction commences, bidders would be able to place either Regular Bids or Proxy Bids on any of the lots. The successful bidder for a particular lot would be the bidder who has bid the highest prior to the close of that particular lot.

Bidding Increments: Bidding Increments will be calculated as shown in the bid increment table below
USD 1,000 to USD 2,000 by USD 100
USD 2,000 to USD 4,000 by USD 200
USD 4,000 to USD 10,000 by USD 500
USD 10,000 to USD 20,000 by USD 1,000
USD 20,000 to USD 40,000 by USD 2,000
USD 40,000 to USD 100,000 by USD 5,000
USD 100,000 and upwards by USD 10,000

Tracking Bids: Bids can be tracked through the ‘Lots I Bid On’ link on the ‘Current Auctions’ page of the website. Bidders can access information on all their bids in one convenient place. Bid Information will automatically be refreshed every 5 minutes prior to the last hour before Closing Time and every minute within the last hour of Closing Time. Alternatively, users can refresh the page immediately by clicking on the ‘Refresh Now’ icon.

Auction Closing: Predetermined groups of Lots will close simultaneously in Lot order every 20 minutes. If a bid is placed within the last 5 minutes, the timer on your screen will be extended to 5 minutes after the scheduled Closing Time of the Lot. The timer will continue to be extended in 5 minute increments for any bidding received in the 5 minutes prior to the new Closing Time of such Lot. As with a traditional auction house, bidding will continue on each lot until there is no more interest in the room.

After the Sale

If you are a successful bidder, your invoice will be emailed to you after the sale. If you are Signed In, you can also go to ‘My Account’ to review the lots which you have won in Successful Bids and also the lots on which you were an under bidder in Unsuccessful Bids.

Auction Help Desk

If you have any questions about the bidding process, or would like assistance in placing a bid, please contact the Artiana Auction Desk on +971-55-8153030 |