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Selling at Artiana

Auction Estimates & Valuation

If you are interested in consigning items to any of our upcoming sales, please contact us at with the following information:

  • Hi-Resolution Images of the item/s to be consigned
  • Details of the item (For artworks title, year, dimensions, signature etc.)
  • Current condition of the item
  • Provenance (where and when you acquired the item)
  • Authenticity documentation
  • Has your item ever been exhibited or appeared in any publication? If yes, please include names, dates and locations
  • Location of the item
  • Once we receive this information, Artiana’s auction specialists will determine whether your item can be included in one of our auctions.

If your item is selected, our auction specialists will create a valuation for your item after thorough market research and send you the Estimates as well as the Reserve Price.

Estimates: Each lot (item offered for sale in auction) is given a low and high estimate, representing the opinion of Artiana’s experts about the range in which the lot might sell at auction. Estimates are based on the examination of an item and recent auction records of comparable pieces. Published in our online and printed catalogue, an estimate provides prospective buyers with an important preliminary guide to value and is generally the basis for establishing the reserve price.

Reserve or Reserve Price: Never formally disclosed, the reserve price is the confidential minimum price agreed upon between the consignor and Artiana. Reserves are set at or below the low estimate, and if bidding ends before the reserve is reached, the lot will not be sold.

Artiana's Commission

Artiana’s commission is a percentage of the Winning Bid amount that Artiana charges the Consignor for its services, applicable at 25% of the Winning Bid amount of an item, and is deducted from the payment made by the Buyer. We do not charge any Buyer's Premium.

Confirmation to Sell

A formal contract (Consignment Agreement) is concluded between the Seller and Artiana once the Reserve Price and Estimates have been mutually agreed. Upon conclusion of the Consignment Agreement Artiana will take handover of the property for photography, cataloguing and viewings.

Consignment Agreement: Before you sell your property at Artiana, you must sign a Consignment Agreement. This is the contract we have with our sellers in which we agree to sell their property in one of our auctions. It lists our terms, conditions and fees for services such as auction sales, insurance, loss/damage liability, shipping and illustration.


Assistance can be provided to help consignors have their lots shipped to our business seat in the United Arab Emirates. All charges related to packing, shipping and insurance will be borne by the Consignor.