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Signed 'Sakti Burman' (lower centre)

Private collection, Paris
Millon / Lot 340 / Petites Oeuvres De Grands Maîtres Ateliers D'Artiste Jean-Marie & Thora Creuzeau / 18 December 2018 / Paris
Private collection

"An image easily outlasts the object it represents. The curious mix that Sakti Burman has been able to achieve, of the cultural heritage of India and European Art in his long artistic career, is what sets him apart."(Arun Ghose, Myth, Reality and Beyond in the Art of Sakti Burman, 2006)

In his unique, almost surrealistic style of painting, Burman is known for using a marbling technique that he has developed after years of experimentation and creating fresco-like works. The artist creates his own dreamlike, private world in his artworks which are characterized by the conflation of imageries that pay tribute to the two different cultures and geographies that he has belonged to. "His practice references the traditions, art, and aesthetics of Bengal, the region of his birth and at the same time draws extensively from European mythology, his experiences and his memories of a life lived outside of the country of his origin. It is these multiplicities of influences and subject matter that makes his work recognizable and relatable to audiences in India and internationally." (Ranjit Hoskote, Sakti Burman: At Home in the World, 2017)

Sakti Burman

(b. 1935)
Born in Kolkata, Sakti Burman graduated from the Government College of Arts and Crafts, Kolkata, in 1956 and then went on to study at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts in Paris, where, in 1956, he won the Prix des Etrangers. Some of the most recent solo shows of his work include a retrospective at the Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata and Maison de I’Unesco, in 2008. Burman’s works have also been featured at various other international gallery exhibitions; including at the Rand Palais, Paris, in 1975 and 1994; and at the French Biennales in 1963, 1965 and 1967. The artist lives and works in Paris.