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Signed 'Agorsor' (lower right)

Ghanaian painter Kofi Agorsor’s work stands as a joyous expression of color and form. He uses bold and vibrant colors to portray the daily lives of people in modernizing Ghana often in animated dynamics that is striking and modern. His canvases can be sparsely populated or they may be crowded, like in the present lot. Inhabited by a crowd of glitterati at a social event, it is rendered in gestural and semi-abstracted manner, woven with visual stories as rich as the African culture that serves as his inspiration.

Kofi Agorsor

(b. 1970)
Born in Accra in 1970, Kofi Agorsor is a contemporary artist from Ghana. He initially studied Architecture for two years before switching to Art at the Accra Ankles College of Art, where he obtained his degree in 1992. In his paintings, Agorsor uses bold and vibrant colors to reflect the daily lives of people in Ghana. He has participated in several solo and group exhibitions, as well as auctions both locally and internationally. Selected recent shows include Peace Splash "The Artist Voice for the Peace of Mother Ghana" (2012); Across the Volta to the Niger (2012); " Munyu Matters Arising"(2011); "3+3: 3 Artist from Denmark, 3 Artists from Ghana", Gallery Gofs, Denmark (2011); "Totobieto ( Into the Depths of Lightness, Darkness, and the Spaces In-between)" (2010); "Agorsor in Lusaka", Alliance Francaise, Zambia (2010); "Pause the Pulse - The Portrait of Accra", ACC Galerie, Weimar, Germany (2010); "World Class Contemporary Paintings", The Africa Center, London, UK (2010); FIFA Fineart, South Africa (2010); Rendezvous Exhibitions and Artists Meet, Nubuke Foundation (2009); and "World Class Contemporary Paintings, The Hayloft Courtyards, London, UK (2009) among numerous others. Also an accomplished musician and a humanitarian missionary, Agorsor continues to live and work in Accra, Ghana.