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Signed and dated 'H. Anh / 2005' (centre left)

Apricot Gallery, Hanoi
Bagash Art Gallery, Dubai
Private Collection, Dubai

Hoang Hai Anh is one of Vietnam's leading contemporary artist. With raw intensity and powerful strokes, his works are reflections of his impassioned view on life. He uses thick impasto in vigorous strokes while employing contrasting color tones to convey his artistic expression in an original, disturbing yet beautiful works.

Along with his themes which ranges from nudes, still-life, and self-portraits as seen here; his technique, composition and the strong expressive power of his strokes are reminiscent of the Austrian Expressionism in the early twentieth century.

Hoang Hai Anh

(b. 1970)
Hoang Hai Anh was born in 1970 in Hanoi, Vietnam. From 1993 to 1998, he studied at Hanoi University of Fine Arts (now renamed as Vietnam University of Fine Arts) and was among the first painting students from the school to trained in oils, lacquer, and silk. After graduating, he spent two years teaching silk painting, then shifted his focus on his artistic career. His themes varied greatly, he started from nude girls from 2000 to 2001, then moved his concern to self-portraits and portraits of relatives, still-life, and landscape in later years. A respected figure and artist in the Vietnamese art scene, he exhibited widely. Most recently is "T.O.A.N" in Vietnam Fine Art Museum in Hanoi (2018). Past exhibitions include "No 5" - Group exhibition in Hanoi (2017); Group Exhibition at Apricot Gallery, London, UK (2011); “Pictures of Asia Fine Art Auction”, Singapore (2007); “New Generation”,Hanoi (2005); "Three Young Artists", Hanoi (2001); Solo exhibition, Thailand (2000); First solo exhibition in Hanoi (1999); Vietnam ASEAN Contemporary Fine Art, Hanoi (1998); and “New Wave”, Hanoi (1997).