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Maurice Lacroix

Maurice Lacroix is a Swiss luxury watchmaker based in Canton of Jura and headquartered in Zurich. Founded as part of Desco von Schulthess of Zurich, the company started by producing private label watches for third parties and eventually started marketing watches under the brand name Maurice Lacroix. By 1980, Maurice Lacroix had become so successful that their facility in Saignelégier ceased production for third parties, consequently acquiring the case maker Queloz S.A. in 1989. This ability to produce watch cases in-house makes Maurice Lacroix unusual compared to other luxury watch companies. During the 1990s, Maurice Lacroix enjoyed considerable success with the launch of their high-end "Les Mécaniques" line, later renamed the "Masterpiece" line. During this time, the company elevated itself to the high ranks of Swiss watch manufacturers, by both maintaining traditional 'Swiss watch-making art' and by creating their own movements for the collection. The "Les Mécaniques" / "Masterpiece" line includes limited edition models based on "historic" or "heritage" movements purchased during the height of the quartz crisis and refinished to the highest standards. Notable are the alarm wrist watches, chronographs, and jump-hour Masterpiece watches that the company produced based on them. Aside from this, they introduced a line that includes watches based on extensively modified ébauches from ETA and Unitas that incorporate numerous complications, including retrograde movements, power reserve indicators, and calendar modules. Maurice Lacroix introduced their first full in-house movement, the ML106 based "Masterpiece Le Chronographe" in 2006. Since then, they continuously introduced numerous manufacturing movements including an automatic movement in 2011.

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