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Yinka Adeyemi

(b. 1945) Yinka Adeyemi, a postwar and contemporary artist, was born in 1945 in Osun State, Nigeria. Adeyemi was one of the well-known artists of the distinguished Osogbo Art Movement of the Yoruba of western Nigeria under the teachings of Susanne Wenger in the 1960s. He also studied, travelled, and joined Duo Ladipo’s theatre. For several decades, he has been one of Nigeria’s leading contemporary artists and later an ambassador for Yoruba culture. His expertise includes batik on cloth and rice paper, bead mosaic art paintings, tapestry, and mono and lino printing. His work creates stories that record past and present folklore, customs, and beliefs of his homeland - Nigeria. Despite his moving to Oakland, California, where he currently lives, his teachings on batik and printmaking workshops continue, as well as his participation in solo and group exhibitions in Africa, Europe, and the US.