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Tahia Halim

(1919 - 2003) Born in Sudan in 1919 inside the Royal Palace of Cairo where her family were living, Tahia Halim is one of the pioneers of the Modern Expressive Movement in Egyptian Art in the 1960s, where she excelled in expressing the Egyptian character’s idiosyncrasies in her works. She has many works concerning the Nile, boats and the popular and national subjects for which she has been granted several honorary awards in Egypt and abroad. Tahia Halim studied art under important drawing teachers as the Lebanese painter Yussef Trabelsi and the Greek artist Gerom; then under the Egyptian artist Hamed Abdallah at his studio 1943, and after their marriage, in 1945, they left for Paris to join Julian Academy (1949-1951). Came back to Egypt, they taught together art in their private studio, in Down Town in Cairo. Tahia Halim received two devotion scholarships of Art Production in 1960 and in 1975.