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Nguyen Minh Son

(b.1971) Born in Bac Ninh, Vietnam in 1971, Nguyen Minh Son, is an impressionist artist who focuses on landscape paintings. He graduated from the Hanoi Fine Art College in 2000. Unlike his contemporaries who made Hanoi their muse, Minh Son depicts the simpleness and purity of the rural landscapes. The colors, style, and technique in his paintings make bushes, reeds, and flowers more vibrant, giving quaint and charming countryside scenes. Selected exhibitions include Group Exhibition at Contemporary Art Center of Hanoi (2001-2002); Group Exhibition at Fine Arts College of Hanoi (2002); Group Exhibition in London (2003); Solo Exhibition at Hilton Hotel in Hanoi (2004); Group Exhibition in Singapore (2005); Solo Exhibition in USA (2006); Group exhibition in Singapore (2006); Group Exhibition in UK and Hong Kong (2007); Group Exhibition in Hanoi (2006 - 2007); Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong (2008); and Solo Exhibition in Texas, USA (2009).