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(b. 1934) Born in 1934 in Damascus, Syria, Marwan Kassab Bachi known as Marwan, is one of the most distinguished Syrian Artists. After studying Arabic Literature in Damascus, he permanently moved to Germany in 1957. He undertook a degree in painting at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Berlin 1963, under the supervision of Hann Trier where he later became teacher and was granted a permanent chair since 1980. He founded the Summer Academy at Darat Al Funun (under the patronage of Suha Shoman) Art Foundation in Jordan in 1999. From 1967 until the present, Marwan has exhibited widely in many places around the world, mostly Germany, France, USA and Syria. He was offered a scholarship from the Cite des Arts, Paris in 1973. He was also granted both the Karl Hofer (1966) and Fred Thieler (2002) awards as well as the Merit Order of the Federal Republic of Germany (2005). His work his highly prized and forms part of many international museum collections such as the Institute du Monde Arabe, Paris, The Musuem of Damascus, The Syrian Ministry of Culture and the Presidential and People’s Palace, Syria, the Carnegie Museum of Art, USA and in many of Germany’s art museums and institutions. His work is also in numerous prestigious private collections around the world. Marwan currently lives and works in Berlin.