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Manuj Babu Mishra

(1935 - 2018) Born in 1935, Manuj Babu Mishra is a leading contemporary artist, art historian, and writer from Nepal. For decades, he dominated Nepal’s painting world with his unique style. Mishra completed his BFA from the College of Arts and Crafts, Dhaka in 1969, and took up a government job at Janak Siksha Samagri Kendra, which he later gave up to pursue his art. He started teaching art at Lalit Kala Campus in Kathmandu. During this period, Nepal underwent a political change that caused him great dissatisfaction and distress. As a rebellious action against the political structure, he started confining himself to his home and eventually lived in this self-imposed isolation for the rest of his life. This retreat from social life and withdrawal from what he deemed was a selfish, superficial, and corrupt society; gave him the time to reflect and gave full expression to his thoughts through his art. He eventually produced numerous artworks and a dozen of books and essays under his name. His autobiography, Harmi Taj: Adhai Dashak Gufama, was published in 2016. The artist passed away in his home in 2018 at the age of 83.

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