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Le Thanh Son

(b.1962) Le Thanh Son was born in 1962 in Hanoi, Vietnam. He graduated from Hanoi’s College of Drama and Cinematography in 1986 and is a full-time artist and a member of the Vietnam Fine Art Association. As an impressionist, he does not follow the simple visual sight or reality. His imagination and expert use of colors turn plain scenes of everyday life into extraordinary pictures of splendid and charming beauty. Son has established great personal achievements, with several fine arts awards and solo exhibitions in Vietnam and international. He was awarded the first prize at the Competition for Hanoi Young Artists by Hanoi Fine Art Association in 1990. His shows include “Nature’s True Son I – Season of Le Thanh Son” in Hong Kong (1998); “The Art from Vietnam” in Seoul, Korean (1999); “The Images from Vietnam”,Melbourne, Australia (2000); “The World of Le Thanh Son” in Hanoi, Vietnam (2000); “Separate Paths” in Hanoi, Vietnam (2001); "The Quality of Natural Power", Latin American Arts Museum, Miami, USA (2002); “Where the Rivers Meets", Vietnam Cultural Festival, Luxembourg (2002); "New Season" in Bradford, UK (2003); "Hanoi Flowers" in Hong Kong (2004); “Brilliant Life” solo exhibition, Tokyo, Japan (2008); "Treasures of Vietnam", Hanoi Art House, London (2015); and "Colours Of Life", Hanoi Art House, Buckinghamshire, UK (2016).

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