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Kang Duck Bong

(b. 1979) Born in 1979 in South Korea, Duck-Bong Kang graduated from the Department of Sculpture at the University of Seoul, South Korea in 2005. He completed his graduate studies in sculpture from the same institution in 2007 before completing his Ph.D. for Fine Art at Hong- Ik University in 2013. Kang is renowned for his PVC sculptures which look as though they are in motion creating figures that appear to be perpetually in action with multiple colors combining to create a unique blurred effect. He exhibited widely in his native South Korea and internationally in China, Japan, Hong Kong, USA, Singapore, France, Italy, Switzerland. His international exhibitions include '5-7-5 Exhibition', Tokyo Women’s University of Art Museum (2017); 'Gallery Artmundi Exhibition', France, Gallery Artmundi (2017); 'The Affordable Art Fair', Singapore (2015); Scope Basel, Switzerland (2014); Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair (2014); SCOPE MIAMI Art Fair, Miami (2013); Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong (2013); Art Fair Kyoto (2012); Pietrasanta: Korea Sculpture Festa (2012); and Beijing Art Fair (2008). ?Kang's works are in the collection of MBC Culture Hill, the National Museum of Contemporary Art - Art Bank and other prominent institutions. In 2015, he partnered with technology giant LG in an art commercial for the brand.