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K.S. Radhakrishnan

KS Radhakrishnan, one of the most notable among the new generation of sculptors, has successfully revitalized Indian sculpture. As a prominent contemporary sculptor, his preference for modelling and bronze casting over new materials sets him apart from the rest of his peers. His singular vision challenges modern Indian sculpture to resuscitate an age-old process with a brand-new sensibility, allowing him to be a modernist who approaches his work with perceptible ambition and considerable aplomb while treading a prudent path. A running theme in his works is sensuality, making them both intimate and universal. His various artworks were in several public collections across the globe, with their scale and presence well adapted to natural settings. K.S Radhakrishnan was born in Kerala, India, in 1956. He completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts in sculpture from Vista Bharti University at Santiniketan. He is the recipient of many awards, including the Junior Fellowship by the Ministry of Human Resources and a Fellowship from Lalit Kala Akademi (LKA). Among his selected solo exhibitions include The Crowd and Its Avatars Sculptures, Emma Art, Kolkata, India (2023); The Song of Small Things, Art Musings, Mumbai, India (2018); and Terrafly, Art Musings, Mumbai, India (2014) and more. He was also a part of numerous exhibitions such as Katarvel: Journeys into the Foundation B&G Collection, Sakshi Gallery, Colaba, Mumbai, India (2020); Masterpieces of Indian Modern Art Edition II, DAG Modern, New Delhi, India (2017); Sculpture Show, Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai, India and Gallery Collection, Tao Any Gallery, Mumbai, India (2015), among many others. The artist lives and works in Delhi and Santiniketan.

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