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Husein Bicar

(1912 - 2002) Born in Alexandria in 1913, Bicar was one of Egypt’s most prominent artist of the 20th century. He graduated from Cairo Higher School of Fine Arts in 1934, he spent more than 60 years of his life teaching art at schools and universities. He was known for his simple and clear style reflecting the influence of Pharaonic art with its harmony, serenity and mystic. His versatility appears again and again as he works in a variety of media including water color, tempera, and oils—but the result is a distinctive Bicar style. His subject matter is Egyptian. Unlike classical Greek or Roman art, which may be described as basically physical, the essence of Egyptian art is spiritual. The stylized figures in his paintings carry a poetic message representing the stability, nobility, and strength to be found in the character of Egypt's agrarian roots. His sparse, minimalistic lines often impose a sculptured quality on his figures in their austere settings. Bicar passed away in 2002.