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Hoang Duc Dzung

(b.1971) Born in Hanoi in 1971, Hoang Duc Dung graduated from the Vietnam Fine Art University in 1998. As a student, Dung got recognized for his talent and won several awards. He completed his masters from the same university in 2005 and has been lecturing at the University of Art Education since 2009. He preferred oil as a medium and favors a quieter mood of calm in his works. Duc Dung has staged solo and group exhibitions in Vietnam and other countries such as Hong Kong, Italy, USA, and the UK. Exhibits include “Group of Seven Young Artists” exhibition, Hanoi Fine Art Exhibition, Central Arts College, Hanoi (1999); Vietnam – Asean Exhibition, Opera Gallery, Hanoi (2000); Solo Exhibition, Zee Stone Gallery, Hong Kong (2001); Vietnamese Exhibition, Kings Road Gallery, London (2002); "Two Man" show, Kings Road Gallery, London (2004); and Vietnamese Exhibition, Kings Road Gallery, London (2005).

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