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Buraimoh Gbadamosi

(1938 - 2014) Buraimoh Gbadamosi was a carpenter who became one of the principal sculptors for the Osogbo shrine, re-established by the initiative of Susanne Wenger, a German-Nigerian artist and his lifelong friend and soulmate. Gbadamosi's carved works can be found inside the inner sanctum of numerous shrines in the Sacred Osun Osogbo Groves with his preferred medium and trademark - stone carvings. These carvings, termed Kiliwi, are believed to represent benevolent earth spirits and were often given attributes to some of the Yoruba deities. Despite their massive size and weight, the stone carvings he made are privately owned and exhibited internationally, with some of his works housed in the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art. The artist passed away in 2014.