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Bui Van Hoan

(b. 1971) Born in Hai Duong, Vietnam in 1971, Bui Van Hoan graduated from the Hanoi College of Fine Arts in 1994. He completed his Masters of Fine Arts at the University of Auckland in New Zealand and had been specializing in oil on canvas paintings since then. Van Hoan works in a figurative style. His works are exquisitely delicate and show Impressionist influences in the treatment of color and light. At the same time, the weight of Asian tradition is apparent through the subjects of his work, in the inspiration and the delicacy of his style. Bui Van Hoan’s paintings are found in the permanent collection of the Vietnam Fine Art Museum and have been exhibited internationally in London, New York, Rome, Tokyo, and Singapore from 1997 to 2009. Most notable were National Fine Art Exhibition (2000); Vietnam - My Country (2001); Il Drago e la Farfalla in Italy (2006); and the Anniversary of the 1000 Year of Thang Long in Hanoi (2009). He was awarded the Fine Art Exhibition Award by the Vietnam Fine Art Association in 1997 and again by the Vietnam Ministry of Information and Culture in 2002. A member of both the Hanoi Fine Arts Association and Vietnam Fine Arts Association, the artist, lives and works in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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