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Adebisi Fabunmi

(b. 1945) Adebisi Fabunmi, a Ghanian Postwar and Contemporary artist, was born in Takarodi, Ghana, in 1945. He moved to Osogbo as a young man, and in 1964-1966, he joined the workshop known as The Osogbo School of Art by Ulli Beier and Georgina Beier, where he made history as one of the Osogbo Artists. Fixated on traditional Yoruba images, he has held several solo exhibitions in Nigeria and Kenya in addition to a major retrospective in Bayreuth, Germany, in 1989. He was a member of the Duro Ladipo ensemble. He almost always used the city of Osogbo in his yarn paintings or city prints, and the Yoruba sculpture effects were evident in his work. Though known for his linocut prints, he also worked in other media, such as oil paints and painting on wool and yarn with traditional Yoruba images as his subjects. There have been solo art exhibitions of his work in Nigeria and Kenya, among others, and he has had works exhibited in group exhibitions in London, New York, Vienna, and Prague.