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Abdul Hadi El-Gazzar

(b. 1925) Born in Alexandria, Abdel Hadi El-Gazzar moved with his family to the Cairo district of Sayeda Zeinab in 1940. At the Helmeya Secondary School, El-Gazzar joined the Contemporary Art Group started by Hussein Youssef Amin, the great pedagogical figure who took El-Gazzar and Nada under his wing and followed them throughout their careers. Although El-Gazzar began studying medicine, after 6 months he shifted gears and joined the Faculty of Fine Art. He won a scholarship to study in Rome, and went on to exhibit in Rome, Palermo and the Bari International Exhibition where he obtained the Silver Medal. In 1964, he received the Medal of Art and Sciences and the National Encouragement Prize for his painting, The High Dam. El-Gazzar died at the early age of 41 but not before leaving behind a number of great paintings of modern Egyptian art.