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Signed and dated 'Anupam Sud 2001' (lower right)
Titled, dated and inscribed 'Paper Boat / 2001 / Ms. Anupam Sud' (on the reverse)

The Guild Art Gallery, Mumbai.

Mohini Maya: Anupam Sud, The Guild Art Gallery, Exhibition Catalogue, (Mumbai, 2002).

As a print maker Anupam works perceptibly towards structure. Particularly in the period of the 80’s and early 90’s, her figures are emphatically defined by architectural forms – cubes, blocks, crumbling walls, city park benches that attract the speculative interest of the lonely figure, exteriors of grey, decaying 19th century buildings. Against such hard edged structures, the figure [such as the nude women in Pick-Up Girls, 1980 or the men and women in the series titled Dialogue 1984] appears in images of duress—only part revealing a psychic life that we cannot construct for ourselves. The artist creates a charged wise-en-scene, even as she appears indifferent to issues of identification. Elsewhere appurtenances of clothes, masks, tubes, vials and bottles are seen in disturbing conjunction, circumscribing feminine activity and creating hierarchies in gender behaviour. However, in leaving the critical point, -- on whether the women are the subject or the object of representation in her work – deliberately cryptic, Anupam maintains a degree of tension that lends her work its defining edge. (Exhibition Text, The Guild Art Gallery, 2002, Mumbai)

Anupam Sud

Born in 1944, Anupam Sud received a Diploma in Fine Arts from the College of Arts, New Delhi, 1967, studied Print Making at Slade School, London, 1971-72 and went on a Study Tour to USA under CICA Fellowship, 1990. She engages in socially relevant themes, human impasse and then represents them by fusing various mediums like, intaglio process, lithographs and screen printing. Depiction of architectural forms, limbs and human figures in the mid 1970’s to feminist subjects in the late 1970’s, her work has evolved in phases. She is one of the finest intaglio print makers in India and one of the founder member of ‘Group 8’, formed in 1968, to promote and sustain printmaking as an independent expressive art form. Anupam has won 19 awards between 1969 & 1985 including the Sahitya Kala Parishad award,1980-84; a Certificate at Egyptian International Print Biennale, 1994; the President of India’s Silver plaque of 65th and 66th All India Annual Art exhibition, All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society, Special award, New Delhi,1995; International Print Biennale, Bharat Bhawan, Bhopal, 1995. Her works are in many private collections including NGMA, the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. She lives and works in New Delhi.